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Understanding Slot Machine Payouts: What You Need to Know Before Playing!

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Playing online slot machine games can be all fun until you lose a lot of money. So what can be done to not face that? You need to know everything about slot machine payout before you start to play the game. It increases your winning odds and helps you play better. If you have never really considered inquiring about slot payouts before, then this article is for you. 

Here you can find all the details that you need on the slot payouts so that you can create your online slot strategy. Start reading the article in 3, 2, 1 – just like the slot countdown. 

How Do Slot Machine Payouts Work?

When you spin a slot and if you win, you get the payout. The online slots are programmed in a way to gives you the winning amount when you win the game. However, as you know there is nothing you can do to predict your win.

Online Slot Machine Payouts

Payouts are considered one of the significant factors that matter when you consider an online casino. Focusing on the RTP of the game will help you make better decisions. RTP, is the return to the player, the percentage of the wagered amount that you get when you win the game. 

When you start playing the game, you can spin the slot casually and hopefully wait for the game outcomes to be in your favor. You can know the slot outcome only when it appears on the screen. We advise you to find the RTP of the game that you are playing and check about the total amount that you can afford to bet and the amongst that you can bet in each round before you begin the game.

How To Check Online Slot Machine Payouts?

You need to check online slot machine payouts before starting the game. It can be checked even before signing up for an account at the online casino. The payouts of the slot machine can be found right on the homepage of the casino. You can see that the casinos that have a faster payout will display right on their homepage. 

You can get all the details that you want about the RTP from the payout table of the game. It is an in-game virtual table that will display all the details of the game, the features, and the RTP. It can be used to learn about the game.

If you feel that you need to know more about the game, we suggest you play in the ‘Practice Play’ mode. It will help you to learn how the game works, and the different features available in the game. 

Or, you can also get help from the customer support team of the online casino. Most casinos have a 24*7 active and reliable customer support team. There is a live chat option in top real money casinos in the US and you can see the live chat widget on the homepage itself. If you connect with the team through the live chat option, you will get an immediate response to your query.

The casinos will also have a support email ID where you can drop your query and wait for the response. Some casinos will also have a toll-free mobile phone number which you can call to talk directly with a customer support executive. 

What Is Online Slot Machine RTP?

Online slot machine RTP is the amount that you get back when you win the game. RTP, an acronym for return to player, is a theoretically determined value that you can know by visiting the homepage that the casino provides. You can know the amount that you get back and place bets accordingly. However, it can not be taken as the exact measurement rather it can be seen as an excellent gauge. 

The online slots try to appeal to the players by presenting them with slot games that have the highest RTP. It is an opportunity for the player to win and the casino to make money as well. 

Let us provide a simple picture of RTP: 

If you bet $100 in an online slot with 99% RTP, and if you win the game, you will get back $99. Now you know why you should select the online slots with the highest RTP. If the RTP of the slot game is 67%, and if you invested the same $100, and if you win, you will get only $67. 

The Best Slots & Highest Slot Machine Payouts

You can earn the highest at the finest online casinos in the US. Let us look at the best slot machine payouts

Best Online Slot Machine Payouts

Bovada Casino95% – 96%
Ignition Casino96%
BitStarz Casino99% Casino96%
7 Bit Casino96.5%
Wildz Casino96.5%
Magic Red Casino96% – 98%
Red Dog Casino>95%
Super Slots Casino96%

So how do we decide if the RTP of an online casino is best? If any online casino has an RTP above 95% then it can be seen as the best. Note that, only the reputed and best casinos can afford to provide such high RTPs. So, knowing about the brand trust the casinos have and the RTP of the games will always help you make a decision. 

We recommend these casinos based on many factors. Our team made the effort to thoroughly inquire about all the reputed online casinos and we gathered the data. After that, we analyzed the data and listed out these.

You can also check the various online communities that talk about online gambling on Reddit, Quora, X, and so on to find similar discussions. In fact, we considered the outputs of the discussions in all these platforms and listed these casinos only after seeing that our findings did match with these. 

In the above list of online real money slot casinos, they have RTPs higher than 95%. Some of them even have 99% RTPs. Some of them have the best real money slots, and most themes in real money slots. 

Best Slot Machine Payout Providers

You came across the list of the best gaming providers that provide online slots with the highest RTP. The most popular real money casinos in the USA always have the best gaming providers. It ensures the high payout rates and the game fairness. 

  • BGaming
  • NetEnt
  • BetSoft Gaming
  • RealTime Gaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Push Gaming
  • iSoftBet
  • Microgaming
  • Relax Gaming

These are the best slot game producers and providers in the online casino realm. When you visit the finest virtual casinos, you can see these in the list of their game providers. The online slot providers develop slot games for online casinos, and the casinos license their games.

The slot producers also determine the prize pools and the fairness of the games. They operate by taking a stake in the income of the online casinos. These game producers are responsible for providing the highest payouts. 

Best Slot Machine Payouts

Let us look at some of the best slot games across all the online casinos out there.  They are considered the best based on the RTP, the game features, the slot variants, bonuses, and promos. 

Caesars Empire97.5%RealTime GamingIf you are looking for the biggest slot payouts, then you might want to give this game a try. Find it at Ignition Casino and it has a maximum payout of $7,500.
Ancient Gods96%RealTime GamingVisit Red Dog Casino to find this game. It has high payouts and is one of the best options for free games. The maximum payout is 7500x. 
Stacked96.32% (stacked RTP)BetSoftAn online slot game with a stacked RTP of 96.32% and you can find it at Super Slots casino. The maximum payout that you can win here is 664x, $99,645 on the highest bet. 
MyStake96.4%Relax GamingYou can find this game at Money Train 2 known for its casino game selection. The maximum payout is 50,000x. 
Asgard96%RealTime GamingEl Royale Casino has that game for you with 96% RTP and a maximum payout of 6,000x. 
Ocean’s Treasure95.66%This game is the most noted for the highest RTPs that it provides. You can play this at Cafe Casino. The maximum payout is 1500x. 
Atlantic Treasures96.68%Some people view Atlantic Treasures as a treasure. It is because of the more than $5M monthly jackpot payouts it has. The maximum payout that you can get is 400,000 coins. 
Aztec’s Millions95%Las Atlantis is where you can find this game with a progressive jackpot that can be as huge as above 1 million USD. 
Arrogant PiratesAn online slot game that you can find at Bovada Casino. It is noted for the availability of classic slot games. The exact RTP of the game is not really available, at the moment, except for the information that it has a high RTP. We will update it as soon as we get the data. You can get a maximum payout of 800x. 

Know that, this is not the whole list and you may have slightly different recommendations when you visit other resources. You can check the criteria that the page follows while rating the online real money casinos. 

Online Casinos With High Slot Machine Payouts: Why Should You Choose?

The casinos and the gaming providers that have the highest slot machine payouts also guarantee multiple other things in the case of online casinos. Here you can read about why you should choose such casinos and the benefits of preferring them. 

Choosing online slots with high payouts can financially benefit you. You can get back most of the money. They are rich in features and have incorporated advanced technology into the making of the games. You can find superior graphics and top-notch quality sound.

People also choose them for the experience of playing the finest games. These games also have the best narration, the way they present the game to the players and the way the story of the game unfolds in front of them most appeals to the players. Such games have the latest and cool features which can even trigger wins. 

Is there a schedule for online slot machine payouts? No. Then, how can you know more about the slot machine payouts?

More Ways To Check Online Slot Machine Payouts

You already read about the different ways that you can check the payouts of slot machines. You can know about the payouts of the slot in many ways. Make sure that you only rely on trusted websites and authentic sources for the information. If you are reading player reviews on a platform, cross-check that data with data from another source before you reach a conclusion. 

Here are a few more ways:

  • Follow Experts

You can find online casino enthusiasts and casino pros all over the internet. So, read what they have to say. You can also find virtual casino masterminds on YouTube and other video and audio streaming and podcasting platforms. Also, you can make use of the community forums on Reddit, Quora, X, Discord, and so on. Some casinos will have a community forum on their casino website, you can check for that too. 

  • Check The Information Published By Software Providers

The gaming software providers will have information about the payouts and RTPs. they will publish these data on their platforms, you can check the official handles of these providers to know the details of the game 

  • Read Audit Reports

Every online slot and casino undergoes timely audits to ensure game fairness and other factors. If you read the post-audit reports, you can get a lot of information on the slots, their working, and the slot machine payouts. 

One thing to note is that even though known slot machine payouts can help you to an extent, it does not guarantee your wins. As all the slot games are RNG-backed, you do not have a way to know about the outcomes of an online casino in advance. You can make better bankroll management plans. You should be responsible to play safely. The first step in this is to confirm the legitimacy and the genuineness of the online casino. 


By now you will know the significance of slot machine payouts in the tiny part of your life that you dedicate to online slot games. And you should only be dedicating a small part of your whole life towards online gambling. Know that, the main goal of online casino games is to make money or win big. You should be prioritizing more the fun and the experience that it can present you with. As there is no way to know whether you are going to win a game, there is no use in stressing more about winning. 

We request to gamble safely and not spend more than a certain and pre-decided amount on online slot bets. Our team advises you to stick to your original money management plan at all times and not give in to the temptations that you might feel. Check the latest laws and regulations in your jurisdiction regarding online gambling and completely adhere to them. Also, sign up for an account only at a reputed, trusted, and top-ranked online casino. 

1. Are slot machine payouts greater at midnight?

No, slot machine payouts are not greater at midnight. The machines are not designed to provide higher payouts at any specific time of the day. Playing at midnight or at dawn does not improve your chances of getting more payout money. 

2. Do casinos control payouts on slot machines?

No, the online casinos do not control the payouts on the slot machines. This is the case of licensed and reputed online casinos. Rigged casinos can control the payouts on their slot machines. That’s why it is highly necessary to ensure the genuineness of the casinos before you start playing. 

3. What is the best day to win at slots?

There is no such ‘best day’ to win at the online slots. All the days are alike and there are no special days that increase your odds of winning at casinos. The specialty of a day or specific period can not benefit you in this. 

4. Do casinos loosen slots on weekends?

No, the online casinos do not loosen slots on the weekends. There is a common misconception that online casinos might be loosened on weekends because more people will be paying for the games on weekends. However, that is not true, and the casinos are not programmed in a way to pay lesser amounts on the weekends. 

5. How do you find loose slots in a casino?

Usually, you can find loose slots in casinos in the slot crosswalk, or the levels or areas that the players need to cross to get to further parts of the casinos. Such slots are known to be loose, but it is not guaranteed.

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