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Keno is a lot like a lottery, and you may have heard this a lot. Playing online keno can give you all the thrills and spills of the probability and you will never know whether you will win the game. You may be someone who already loves to play the game or someone who is still confused about the game. If you have a lot of questions about the game that hinder you from playing it, we are here with all the details that you need to know about the game. Keno is one of the most preferred games and newbies with no keno skills can play it. It is easy to learn the game rules and many tricks can come to your help as well.

By the end of this article, you will have gained knowledge on the entire game and the decision remains yours whether to play it. Let us start reading right away. 

Online Keno Basic Rules: What Is Keno?

If you are familiar with the lottery concept, then it is easier to understand what online keno is. In the lottery, you choose a ticket, buy it, and wait for the results. When the results are out, oy will see whether the winning number and your number match. If all the numbers in your lottery ticket match with the randomly drawn ticket number, then you are the winner. You can also get various other prizes, only if a few of the drawn ticket numbers match the lottery you purchased. Online keno is a game where you select cards with numbers, there will be cards numbered from 1 to 80 and you can choose a certain number of cards. You wait for the results to come and if a certain number of numbered cards that you have chosen is in the winning numbers, you win the game. 

What Is Keno

In most online keno games, you can select 10 numbers from the numbers 1 – 80.  Some keno games let you choose up to 20 numbers as well. You will have already placed your bet before this. After you select your numbers, wait for the draw. When the numbers are drawn, and you see that a certain number of numbered cards from your pick is in the casino’s pick then you get the money. The rules may vary from casino to casino, but generally, you need at least three same numbers to get a winning amount. 

What is a Keno Card?

A keno card can be defined as the layout on which the numbers will appear. A keno will have 80 numbers on it, the numbers starting from one and ending in eighty. When the online keno game starts, the known card will appear on the screen and you can make your choices. According to the online casino, and the keno variant that you are playing, you may be able to pick 10 numbers, 15 numbers, or even 20 numbers. You choose your values for the keno cards before the draw. 

What is a Keno Spot?

Keno spot in the individual numbers that are present in the keno card. When it is said that you are choosing 10 numbers, you choose the 10 keno spots in the keno card. You tap on the keno spots and the numbers get selected. You will be able to see the numbers that you have already chosen. Such numbers will be displayed in a different color, similar to when you select seats while booking a movie or bus seat online.

You do not have to worry about the fairness of the results if you are playing the game in a licensed and trusted online casino. 

Keno Game Fairness

You do not have to bother about the fairness of the drawn numbers in the online keno that you play. All online casinos use RNG (Random Number Generation) to generate the game outcome. So, there is no way to cheat the game or to win the game by tricks or any other means. After you submit your lucky values, you can not foresee or predicate the game outcome. No one can predict randomly by the RNG algorithm. The game will keep you excited and you may not even blink when you wait for the results. All this becomes possible when you have chosen online casinos that operate with a license and have a brand reputation in the community. When you choose the casino, if you see that the casino has been associated with scams and frauds before, we request you to not proceed to create an account. 

How To Play Keno?: A Step-by-step Guide

Here is a beginner’s guide to playing online real money keno and win. These are the most basic steps that every online keno player should follow while playing the game. Read through the different steps and implement them in your gameplay. 

  • Sign up for an account in  an online real money casino

You will have to create an account in an online casino to play the game. Choose the online casino wisely. 

  • Select the online keno game

Select the keno game that you want to play. Know that there are many variants of the game and hence the keno that you choose has a lot of impact on further decisions. Start playing the game. 

  • Choose your lucky values

At this point in the game, you choose your lucky values. According to the game, you can select 10 chemo spots, 15, or even 20. Your mind may be the most confused while you choose the numbers. 

  • Submit your numbers electronically

After you choose the lucky numbers, you submit them. As you are playing in an online casino, you will have to submit them electronically. By submitting your lucky value, your role in the game is over. 

  • Watch the Keno draw

In this stage of the game, you will wait for the casino to draw the winning numbers. When the numbers are drawn, you can see whether your numbers are in there. It requires a certain number of the keno posts to be in the drawn numbers for you to be the winner. The minimum number is three and for details on this, you will have to read the terms and the game rules of the casino. You should have checked this before you start playing the game. 

Keno Bets: Different Types Of Bets On Keno

Here are the various types of Keno bets that you can place when you play a game in an online casino. Let us look at what the different bets are:

  • Straight bets

Straight bet is the most common bet in online keno. In this type of bet, you wager on the particular amount of the keno spot numbers chosen. You win when all the numbers hit or when the specific numbers hit. Straight bets have only one selection of numbers. 

  • Split bets

Splits bets have more than one straight bet. This kind of bet is like playing a straight bet on two separate tickets. In a split bet, you can not choose the same number on two of the bets. 

  • Combination ticket

Combination tickets are the combination of different tickets. In this, you can bet on a group of different numbers or it can also be a combination of different types of bets. 

  • Way bets

In way bets, you can choose a group of numbers and then split them into your ‘ways’, for example, into a subgroup of numbers. 

  • King ticket

King ticket is said to be similar to a split bet. In it, you choose a single number, which is the ‘King’. This ‘King’ must appear on all the number groups that you select. 

These are the key ones on the various bets that you can place when you play an online keno game. The other keno bets that you can find are jackpot tickets, left/right tickets, top-bottom tickets, edge tickets, pay-any-catch tickets, and computer tickets. All these bets may not be available on all the games. Check the game rules before you begin to play to know about the available keno bets. 

Various Kinds of Keno

You can find different varieties of the keno game across the real money casinos. The features of the game, the structure of the game, and the game rules can be different based on its variant. Here are the various keno games that you can play across online casinos. 

  • Live Keno
  • Mobile Keno
  • Video Keno
  • Jackpot Keno
  • Traditional Keno
  • Standard Keno
  • Power Keno
  • Superball keno
  • Themed Keno
  • Bonus Keno
  • Mini Keno

Online Keno Strategy: How Do You Play Keno?

There are many strategies that you can use to boost your winning odds. It can be the casinos that you play the game in, the decisions you make while placing the bet, and the other features of the game. Here read about the keno-winning tips. 

  1. The keno casino

The online keno casino that you choose plays a crucial role in your game winnings. You are to choose a licensed and reputed casino to play the keno game. Make sure that the casino is noted for its game fairness. To check all these you can go through the player reviews available about the casino on various platforms. 

  1. The online real money keno

The Keno game variant that you choose can affect your winning odds. As there are many varieties of the game, you have to choose the one that matches your needs. Check the rules of the game, the game description, the terms of the casino that the game follows, and the payout of the game. You can also check for the available features of the game. 

How To Choose The Best Keno Game?

  • Check the payouts
  • Thoroughly  read the paytable rules
  • It is always wise to choose the game that provides a win for the smaller combos as well
  • Know that jackpot keno are much harder to win
  • Check the different features available
  • Check the different prizes
  1. Bet Small

It is recommended to start the game by placing small bets, especially if you are new to the game. For newbies, the first keno games that they play will be learning grounds. So, it is better to start with small bets, learn about the game, and then move to higher bets. As keno is a game of probability, you can win even with small bets. 

  1. The numbers you choose matter

The lucky number that you choose always matters in the game, as they decide whether you win the draw. You may have some favorite numbers or numbers that always bring luck to you. In Keno, it is not suggested to always stick to these numbers. You will have to try choosing different numbers. Also, you can learn about the hot numbers and the cold numbers in the game. 

  1. Do not forget to claim the keno bonuses

Many casinos provide keno bonuses and if you have one, do not forget to claim it before you start playing the game. The bonuses can increase your winning odds, when you choose the casino and the game, you can keep an eye on the ones that have keno bonuses. Some casinos may provide you with a keno welcome bonus. 

Note that all the strategies can only enhance your winning odds. Just because you used them you will not win the game. Real money keno is a game of possibilities and you can not foresee the outcomes of the games. Online casinos ensure game fairness by employing cutting-edge and state-of-the-art technologies. 

The Bottom Line

Online keno is one of the gambling games that depend on probability and odds. The fact that there is nothing that you can do to ensure your winnings is the most exciting part of the game, it can be played by anyone, even the ones who do not know anything about gambling and even the ones who have never played in an online casino before this. The more you play the game, the more you will learn about the game, its ways, and bets. There are different types of Keno variants available across many platforms, and you can choose the one that suits your needs the most. It will be helpful if you think a bit before placing the bet. Know that you can change your bet size. 

As we always say, only bet what you can afford to lose. All the keno tips and strategies that you read above do not guarantee your winnings. After you choose your lucky numbers, you have to wait for the casino draw generated by RNG. if you lose the bet, you lose the bet amount too. You are responsible to play safely. Playing safely can mean choosing a licensed casino, not spending too much time and money on gambling games, not stressing too much about winning, and prioritizing the game over anything else in your life. All the best!


1. How to win Keno?

There are many ways to increase your winning odds in online keno games. You can try to guess as many in the 10 numbers, you can buy certain keno cards, bet on the additional bonus numbers, and use the game bonuses. Also, you can employ techniques to minimize your loss. 

2. How many numbers do you need to win on Keno?

Typically, it is said that you need at least three numbers to win a keno game. This can range between 3 to 10 as you can only choose a maximum of ten numbers in an online keno game. However, this can carry with the keno variants and the keno rules of the online casino. 

3. How do you play keno and win for beginners?

If you are a beginner at online real money keno, then you can use many tips and tricks to fasten your pace and improve your winning odds. You can choose keno games with higher payouts, you can make sure of the free play features present in the online casinos to learn more about the game, can select between 4 to 8 numbers, and play multi-race keno cards. 

4. What are cold numbers in Keno?

You can see that there are cold numbers and hot numbers in a keno game. Keno cold numbers are the numbers that are least frequently drawn in the previous 100 games. Keno hot numbers are the numbers that were most frequently drawn in the last 100 games. As cold numbers have not been drawn frequently in the past, they are considered as the numbers are overdue for a win. These numbers may have higher winning odds. 

5. What are the odds on keno online?

Playing online keno has higher odds than land-based casinos. In online keno the house edge is small, it is as low as 5%. At the same time, if you are playing keno in a land-based casino the house edge can be around 30-35%. There are many different variants of keno in online casinos with low house edges. You can check the used edges in general and find the most suitable one for you.

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