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Hereinafter, realmoneycasino will be referred to as ‘site’, ‘website’, ‘our’, or ‘us’, and the person accessing this site and its services will be referred to by the pronouns ‘you’, ‘your’, or terms like ‘user’, or ‘player’. The Privacy Policy of realmoneycasino is an integral part of its Terms of Service and together will be henceforth mentioned as the ‘Agreement’, a legally binding document between the site and the user.

General Policy

Realmoneycasino aims to provide guidance and information on everything related to online casinos and gambling. Any information provided should be taken at face value and not legally. We try to disseminate true and accurate information. However, due to the ever-changing scenario of gambling, we cannot guarantee the veracity of the information provided. The site has no liability or responsibility for the fiscal damages that might be caused by using our information. It is the user’s sole responsibility to verify the information put out by us before making use of it. 

The website collects the user’s data using cookies and other methods, which are elaborated on in the privacy policy. The website uses the data collected from you to provide services that are tailor-made for you. You have the right to choose to opt out of collecting your data.

Accessing the Website

You shall access the site if you are of the legal age of 18 or above. The website and its contents are not made for children. If you are below the age of 18, exit the site immediately. By viewing our website, you automatically consent to the terms of service and the rules mentioned in it. If you disagree with any sections or rules mentioned in the terms of service, immediately stop using the website and quit availing of its services.

Amending the Agreement

We retain the right to amend the agreement as and when required. There is no need to inform the user before amending the rules. Once the agreement is amended it will come into effect immediately, or within a stipulated time. It is the user’s sole responsibility to check the terms of service and the privacy policy regularly.

Termination of Access

We retain the right to restrict or terminate your access to our site and its services if we find that you have breached the agreement or any rules mentioned. Your access to the site can also be terminated if we get to know that you are not of the legal age of 18. In such a case, any information entered by you will be permanently deleted.

Copyright and Ownership

We respect and value any copyright and intellectual property rights. The brand names, trade names, and trade symbols, and logos used in this site are trademarks of the respective entities, who retain the copyright to those trademarks. 

We have the right to any content made available on this website. The content may include photos, images, graphics, artwork, animations, videos, audio, sounds, text, and any software made available through this site.

You shall not infringe on or manipulate any copyrighted material available on this website.

User Generated Content

We permit you to post, upload, transmit, or share content on this site, which you are solely responsible for. The company has no liability to you or the content you post or share. You hereby waive all the claims against us.

By using our site to post or transmit user-generated content, you grant us the permission and right to edit, modify, manipulate, propagate, transmit, share, or advertise any user content generated by you. The website has no liability to compensate you. 

You hereby grant us permission to modify or delete any user-generated content created by you. You also agree to waive any rights you have on the modified user-generated content.

Any personal information published by you in the user content is your sole responsibility. It can be accessed by other users and third parties. The sire cannot be held responsible if other users or third parties use your information to send you promotional materials, advertisements, emails, or messages.

You agree not to post any harmful, obscene, vulgar, profane, defamatory, insulting, racist, or pornographic content on the website. Such user content will be modified or deleted by us and strict action against the user will be taken.

Users are liable for the user-generated content. Any user-generated content posted by the users conveys their views and opinions. The user-generated content does not in any way represent the views and opinions of the company or this website.  The website’s coordinators may not actively read and moderate the user-generated content on this website and the site holds no responsibility for any remarks the users make in this content.

Prohibited by the site

Users are prohibited from using the site for any illegal or unlawful activities. If it leads to any altercation with the law, you will be solely responsible for any liabilities caused. The site has no liability to compensate you or any third parties due to your activity. 

You shall not copy, manipulate, duplicate, translate, or publish any content on this site. We retain copyright to the contents of this site.

You are prohibited from spamming, or posting any promotional or advertisements on the website.

You shall not use any viruses, trojans, bots, or spiders to harm or infiltrate this site. You are prohibited from accessing the personal information of other users of this website.

You shall not collect any identifiable personal information of the users of this site and use it for promotional or malicious purposes.

Change of Ownership or Control

We retain the right to sell or hand over a portion or the entirety of the website to our affiliates or any other party we deem fit. In such a case, the data entered by you will also be transferred to the third party, who will from then onwards control the website and the contents posted on it. We will ensure a safe transmission of your data to protect privacy, in such cases.

Termination of the Site or Agreement

The site retains the right to permanently or temporarily stop the services of this site without notice. It can happen because you have breached the terms of the Agreement or any other reason we see fit.

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