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RTP In Online Slots

What Is RTP In Slots And Why Is It Important For Casino Players?

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The first thing you should know about slots or any other real money casino game will be its RTP, Return to Player. What exactly is this RTP and why are the casino enthusiasts so obsessed with high RTPs? By now, you might be thinking that high RTP can help you win high or that it is wise to purposefully choose high RTP games. Is it so? Here we talk about everything about RTP that you need to know. 

What Is RTP?

When you go through online casino reviews, you might have already seen that the highest RTP is always mentioned as an advantage. A game with the highest RTP means you get the highest earnings for playing the game. 

RTP In Slots

RTP  is a gambling term that can be expanded as  Return to Player. It is the average money that the casino pays you back after the game. The amount that you will get back depends on the money that you deposited before playing. Casino enthusiasts always search for high RTP slots. 

The online slots that you find at all casinos will have an RTP rate and it varies with the casino. As you can find more than one slot game in one casino, the RTP of each of the slots can be different. It is advised to read through the terms before you start playing the game. Even the games with the same titles might not have the same RTP when the casino is different.

Here is an example so that you get a clearer picture:

Think that the RTP of a slot game is 94.2%. If you bet $100 in a game and you win the game, you will get $94.2 back as an average player. 

When you are looking to have fun and win at the same time in a casino, one of the key stats that you will look for in a casino will be its RTP. All players should be aware of RTP and check that before they play online games. In the case of slot games, you know that different online slots will have different rules and the RTP can also vary.

Make sure that you read the game description, and slot terms, and visit the paytable before you start to play. Knowing the RTP of any slot game in advance can help you determine the risk factor associated with it and you can also make a better bankroll management plan. The casinos that offer the highest RTP will often have high winning odds. 

How To Calculate Return-To-Player?

You should be aware of how RTP is calculated, it will let you know the measures that the online casinos undertake to determine the RTP. Also, you can have a better understanding of the amount that you can receive when you win and the ideal amount that can be wagered. 

You can find the RTP of the slot game by dividing the win and the turnover figures that were generated for the game. 

One thing that should be said here is that:

The online slot RTP can not be taken as the exact measure, but it is close to reality and you can use this to get an understanding of how much you will get in the payout. Just think of RTP as a convenient tool that can be a great help to you. 

The RTP of different games can be different, the RTP that is considered good or best in slot games, might not be the same when it comes to table games or roulettes. As we always recommend, you are to read the game description, and rules, or visit the payout table of the game before you start playing. Reading all these can help you to make more appropriate decisions 

Note that, knowing to calculate RTP will not help you predict the outcomes of the slots or determine the chances of getting to be a winner. There is no trick to the slot machines and it’s all based on randomness. Maybe, you can consider it your luck when you game, many players do think so.

The number of years that you have played slot games and the amount of experience that you have in this are not gonna be of any help when you are playing a slot game. Having a thorough knowledge of the game and a specific game strategy might help you to place better bets. Remember that, the size of the bet can be changed throughout the game session. 

Note that you will not always get to win the game. Slot games are dependent on luck and randomness. There is nothing much that you can do to make sure that you win the game. All the best online casinos use RNG testing methods to ensure the unpredictability of the games. The game outcomes are made unforeseen by this computational algorithm.

If you approach online casinos that do not take measures to ensure game fairness, then there is a guarantee in your RTP and winnings. To be the best in the infantry, all online casinos try to implement high standards and compete with each other to remain at the top.

Being at the top means that more players sign up for new accounts. Ensuring safety, security, game fairness, and providing high RTP slots are all part of not descending the list of the finest RTP  slots. 

Why Should You Play High RTP Games?

Do you feel it is a necessity to play high RTP games? Actually, it’s your choice what kind of games you want to play. The top advantage of playing high RTP slot games is that your winning odds will go high, and you can win high. You will not lose much of what you wagered when you win. People always choose these games because the RTP games will have much more than what they get. 

  • Experience 

High RTP games will be more advanced than others in their category. As they offer more Return to Player % than other games, the game will be created using superior graphics and fine-engineered sounds. It will provide you with a better gaming experience. Many people go for this real casino-like gaming experience as well.

The playing trends show that players choose games with cutting-edge simulations which gives them a feeling that they are playing in a real casino. RTP games are most preferred as they provide high winnings as well as the quality of the virtual casino realm that they present the players with. 

  • Narrative

The innovative and interesting narrative that the high RTP games have also made people want to choose them. The theme of the game and storyline also makes them worth playing. For some people, it is not only about the winnings and money, rather it is the experience that counts. 

  • Win Trigger

The best RTP games can help to trigger the win in the slot game. It helps to secure additional bonuses and further in-game features that will contribute towards the winning odds of the game. 

What Is The Best RTP At Casinos?

If you are a serious online gambler, then you will always be on the lookout for real money casinos with the best RTP slots. You can visit the official websites of the casinos itself to find out about the RTP. If you receive a suggestion from any of your friends or fellow casino enthusiasts then you can cross-check the information from trusted websites that provide more information on the RTP  in slots and similar games. 

The best RTP on online casinos is 96% and above. Playing slot games with high RTP and low volatility will increase your odds of winning. There are games with an RTP of 96.5% and above. At some top real money casinos, you can find slots with 99% and more. 

If you visit an online casino and read through all of the terms and conditions and still cannot find the RTP associated with the slot games, you can ask the customer about it, most of the best real money casinos have a live chat option for you to ask to about the RTP of a particular game and your query will be handled immediately.

Or, you can send a mail to their support mail ID. You can use the customer support option even if you are not a player. Some casinos might reserve the customer support chat only for their registered users. 

How To Find The Best RTP Slots?

It can be a headache for gamblers to find the 99% RTP slots. It might not always be practical to go through each casino and each game and read the terms to know the RTP. One question that our team always gets is ‘How to find RTP on slots?’ Here are some tips that you can use when you are on a quest to find the best RTP slots.

  • When you visit a casino homepage, there will be a ‘New Games’ section
  • You can get into this section the newest games will often have the highest RTP
  • There will be a ‘Favorite Games’ section or ‘Top Picks’ section
  • The high RTP slots can be found in similar sections
  • Some casinos might display their best RTP slots right when you visit the homepage
  • So keep out an eye for such messages 

‘Volatility’ is a gambling term that is associated with many games. You might have casino gurus recommending finding games with low volatility and high RTP. Let us see what it exactly means and why you should be aware of its role when you place a bet. 

Volatility in online slots

In gambling, if a game has high volatility, it means that the game is highly risky. The risk factor of the games is directly proportional to their volatility. So, when a casino pro asks you to play low-volatility games, they are asking you to opt for something where only low risk is involved. 

What is slot volatility?

Slot volatility can be defined as the frequency of the slot win triggers and typical win size. It is up to you to select the slots depending on their volatility. When you choose low-volatility slots, you will get small wins and when you choose high-volatility slots you will get larger payouts.

Along with the increase in the risk factor, the payouts also increase. That is the case if you win the slot. Do not mistake all these as you should wager high to get higher amounts of money. Because wins are not guaranteed. 

We suggest you think thoroughly and make a plan for the money that you can bet on each round and the total money that you bet, you should also be thinking of a scenario when you do not get to win the game. The money that you wager should be the money that you are willing to lose. It is not advised to bet more than what you cannot lose.

If at any point during the game, you get a compulsory feeling to bet high or to keep on betting despite continuously losing, you might be in trouble, just because you won a series of games previously, it does not mean that you will get to win each of the games. However, you don’t have to worry, you just need help. There are trusted sources that offer free and standard assistance for gambling issues.

The Bottom Line

RTP in slots is the theoretical payout percentage rate of the slot machines. It can be used as a tool or indicator to determine the payout return that you will get for your wagered amounts. Experts do recommend playing games with the highest RTP so that you can get higher earnings. We suggest you analyze the features of the game and the reputation of the online casino and make a judgment that will suit you. 

We recommend you to gamble safely and to be aware of what you are playing. If you are a newbie, you are to refer to trusted resources to get an understanding of the game that you are about to play. It is always advised to go through the game rules and paytable before you start playing, no matter how experienced you are in online slot games. 

We request you not stress too much about winning and not consider online gambling as a way of income. It is to be considered a way to have fun and winning is only an element that might happen. When you are too focused on winning and if you think that you are spending way too much time on these casino websites or mobile apps, then you might need help. We conclude by suggesting not to hesitate to get help. There are experienced professionals who are willing to help you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to find high RTP slots?

Check the information of the game from the paytable of the game. Read more about the casino; its official website might have a section on the rules and features of the games. You can refer to the casino comparison sites and the papers by online game and gambling researchers. 

2. What is the average RTP for slot machines?

A good RTP of the slot can be considered as 96%. This is what you can find in the slot games of any reputed online casino. The RTP of about 96.5% is viewed as having the capability to appeal to more players.

3. How do you understand slot RTP?

RTP can be defined as the Return to Player which is determined by dividing the total amount that a player gets back by the total amount that the player wagered. Then it is multiplied by 100 to get the percentage. This is how you can understand the RTP of the slot game. However, note that the RTP can not be used as a tool to calculate the exact digits that you are going to get. Anyhow, it can be used as the most helpful gauge when it comes to online slots. 

4. Is RTP real in slots?

RTP is real in slots if you are playing the game in a trusted and genuine casino. The best online casinos in the US provide RTP to the players. That is how you earn and make money while playing the games. Make sure that the casino that you have chosen is trusted and safe before you start playing. If you feel something is not right you can contact the customer support team and if you do not receive timely and proper responses you can discuss them with the casino at any time. 

5. Why is RTP important in slots?

RTP is important in slot games as it helps you to find the games that match the risk preference, with the RTP you can determine how much amount you will lose when you do not win a game and how you will get back when you win a game. Knowing about the online slot game RTPs will help you to play better and manage money efficiently.

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