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How To Play Online Slot Machines? Gambling Guide For Beginners

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Online slot machines are the virtual versions of the slot machines that you can find at land-based casinos. There are reputed online casinos that let you play fair slot games. They present you with portable casinos and you can play the games on the go. 

If you are wondering about online slot machines and want to know how they work and more, you are at the right place. Our team has compiled legit and latest data so that you can find what you need. So, don’t get stopped by anything and dive into the details right away. 

What are online slot machines?

Online slot machines are one of the most popular slot games that come in many varieties and with distinguished features. It represents one of the earliest games played in casinos, the slot machine games.

five layer online slot machines

Along with the groundbreaking progress that happened in this industry in terms of technology and cyberspace, slot machines entered the virtual atmosphere where they are called online slot machines. 

You can find that online slot machines have developed to a level where you can play the games in countless themes. 

The online slot-related rituals and superstitions might be fun and you might even think that interesting. Know that such a thing does not cross the fact checks. There might be fallacies and related things and some people might even tell you to believe in all such sorts of things.

We recommend you not fall for any such things and collect information from only legit and trusted sources. No matter how many of your friends support gambling rituals, there is no evidence to support such things.

You can not win by following these things. You very well know that you cannot win real money by any planned method. You can plan methods to lose less money and stay within your allowed limit.

It is never belittling to be unwilling to spend more than a certain amount when you engage in online gambling. Online slots are mere games of probability and each one of you has winning odds that can not be redefined. You might have received recommendations to stake high, especially in progressive jackpot slots. However, it can only increase your winning odds and trigger winning, but not promise wins. 

Different kinds of online slot machines?

There are classic slots with 3 reels or more and there are the most advanced progressive jackpot slots. You can find different slot games with many reels. The number of reels can be 3, it can be 5, 6, 7, or even more. The symbols that appear on the screen can be different as well. It can be a number, a fruit, a vegetable, a sign, or anything. You win the game when any of the symbols form a winning combination. If you win, you can request the payout. 

Some of the very different slots are video slots, reel slots, bonus slots, free slots, fruit machines, jackpot slots, penny slots, combination slots, and 3D slots. There are also ‘specialty slots’. These are the ones that are exclusively available for the members of the casinos. Online real money accounts create their own special slots to play their players and such slots will have extra features and higher RTPs. 

You can see that online slot machines have grown to an ultramodern level where they come in almost all themes. You can play slot games with adventure themes. Wild themes, pirate themes, and the themes extend to treasure hunts, Asian, Egyptian, ancient, fairytale, action, horror, and much more. You can find slots dedicated to a season or festival or a specific period in history. 

Online slot casinos need to meet these requirements as the player demands are increasing day by day and the players are also getting more options when it comes to virtual gambling. 

How do online slot machines work?

The online slot games work by a set number of symbols appearing on your screen after a spin. The layout on which the symbols appear is fixed with a certain number of reels, rows, and paylines.

three layer online slot machines

There can be multiple rounds and you can choose whether you want to continue playing and get into the next round. You win a round if the symbols on the screen have formed a string of matching icons. 

To know more about the workings of each slot game, you can read the game descriptions and game rules. You can visit and thoroughly go through the paytable or the payout table. It is an in-game table where you can find the payout rate, the features of the game, the symbols and their value, the details of the special symbols, the winning combination criteria, and much more. 

You can place the bet for the round and start playing; spin the reel and wait for the game outcome, if you win, you can proceed to request the cashout. You should have checked the time within which you will receive the payout before starting the game.

Also, be aware of the RTP and the volatility of the game before you start playing. Knowing these two can help you to make better decisions on the money that you should bet on the game. 

Note that many online casinos provide special bonuses for slot games. There will also be slot game welcome bonuses, free spins on particular days, and even cashback. A cashback means that even if you lose the round, you will not lose the money that you wagered. Some casinos provide 100% cashback, some others provide 50% cashback, and so on.

There can also be seasonal and festive bonuses that you should not miss to take advantage of. You will have to redeem some bonuses with bonus codes. The bonus codes can be found near the bonus announcement itself. If you are unable to find the bonus code anywhere, you can get help from the customer support team.

In the online slot game category itself, certain games will have game-exclusive bonuses which can be applied for that game only. Remember to check everything about the bonus requirements before you start playing with the bonus. 

Slot Machines And Game Fairness: The RNG & pRNG Methods

The core of online slot game fairness is associated with the RNG methods. It is a method employed by virtual real money casinos that all the players get fair and equal chances in playing and winning. 

Random Number Generator

What is RNG in online slots?

RNG, Random Number Generator is a computational algorithm that produces random numbers and it is used in determining the slot outcomes. It plays a critical role in the game’s fairness so that nobody can win wrongfully.

The software determines the randomness of the symbols that appear on your screen after you spin. There are no patterns or series followed in the outcome generation. The RNG ensures that nobody can predict the outcome of the game and play accordingly. This makes the game fair and interesting without losing its thrills and spills.

When you can foresee the game outcome, you can place appropriate bets in each round and win high. This is considered unfair in online slot games and does not match the description of what the games are. Also, it can no longer be called gambling. 

You can find that the best real money casinos in the US use this method. It can be seen as an essential factor in maintaining the game’s integrity. You can not beat a random number generator. 

What is pRNG in online slots?

Utilizing a pRNG, expanded as a pseudo-random Number Generator is another method to ensure game fairness. It is another computation algorithm that produces random number sequences on condition. pRNG can guarantee random numbers based on a condition or a pre-provided value, these are called the ‘pRNG seed’.

This seed can be used as the base of all the outcomes that the pRNG can generate. It will point out the different possible outcomes of a game. In the case of the slot games each tile in the reels and the rows is assigned a specific value and the pRNG uses this value to generate the game outcomes, the symbols that will appear on the tiles in each round.

RNG is more advanced than pRNG because if you know the seed number and the mathematical operations that need to be done to get the numbers, the outcomes might be foreseen.

However, these are theory-based thoughts and there is no actual evidence of finding the game outcome in games that use pRNG. It can be used to learn more about the slot machine algorithm and the possibilities of the slot machine algorithm outcomes. 

Does RNG ensure your payout?

The RNG ensures that all the players get an equal chance to win a payout. What it does is block those players who can approach the game with an underlying knowledge of the game outcomes and thus prevent them by staking accordingly. It makes sure that no game decision is influenced by this pre-knowledge.

When you sign up for an account in an online casino, make sure that their game outcomes are backed by RNG so that you get a fair play chance. 

Slot Machine RTPs: What is there to know?

ETP, return to player, is the amount that the casino will pay you back when you win the game. If a game has a high RTP  it means that you get a high payout. When the casino has a low RTP, you only get less money. 

Let us define RTP a bit more clearly:

Imagine that you wagered $100 in a real money online slot game, and the RTP of the game is 90.6%. If you end up winning the game, you get $90.6. At the same time, if the RTP of the game is only 45.9%, on winning you will get only $45.9.

That’s why it is always said to choose the ones that have high RTP. know that different slot games in the same casino, different variants of the same slot game, can have different RTPs. Therefore, find out the RTP of the online slot before you start playing the game.

The RTP can be found in the paytable of the game, in the game descriptions and even after searching all these, if you still can not find the RTP, then do not hesitate to get help from customer support professionals. 

Do free slots win real money?

Free slots are offered by online casinos to give the players a chance to win real money without making any deposits. Is no deposit required to win real money at free slots? No deposit is needed to win money if you are playing free slots. 

Currently, this has become a trend, and more and more casinos are starting to provide free slots for their players. It works similarly to the other online slot money, where you wager an amount, start playing, and request a payout if you win the game.

Free slots are the same where only one thing is the main difference. In free slots, you do not wager money, and if you win the game, you get the money. The free slot games can come with 3 reels or 5 reels or more. 

How to choose an online slot?

You can make wise decisions in choosing an online slot by looking out for a few things. 

  • Sign up for an account at a reputed and licensed online casino
  • Start with simple slot games, if you are a newbie
  • Most online casino slots will have a ‘Practice Play’ option. Use this to learn more about the game. 
  • Only bet what you can afford to lose
  • Do not too stressed about winning

Do not mistake these are the tops that can guarantee your win. Maybe, this can help you increase your winning odds at the game. 

What is the secret to winning at slots?

The secret to winning at slots is the willingness to lose and the consistency you should maintain throughout the game. You should have a well-planned money management strategy. And this should not be made on the spot, or right in the middle of playing the game. Think and decide on the total amount of money that you can afford to gamble. By ‘afford’ it means that you should be able to afford it, even if you lose.

And another significant part is that you should stick to your bankroll management scheme at all times. There can be times in which you might feel tempted to spend more money on the slot. You might feel that you want to bet a higher amount than you planned. 

The Bottom Line

We want you to know that gambling is not always about winning and it is more about winning. If you are too focused on winning, you might not be able to appreciate the experience of virtual gambling. By now you might know all that you wanted to find out about online slot machines and that they are a visual representation of the traditional slot machines that you can find in land-based casinos.

There are different types of online slot machines as we discussed above and the features can vary accordingly. You know that you have to be aware of the RTP and volatility before you start playing a slot game. Also, make sure that the online slot has employed RNG to ensure game fairness.

We request you gamble safely and adhere to the rules of your jurisdiction when you engage in gambling. Know that the rules are subject to change over time and make sure that you are following the latest ones. All the best to all of you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you actually win on online slots?

Yes, you can. A few of the players have won millions by playing the game. You get more money when you play progressive slots and the duration is short for regular slot games. Although, only very few people win in these things. 

2. Are online slots for real money safe?

The online slots that are licensed and operated by reputed brands are safe. Make sure that the laws of your jurisdiction allow online gambling and that you are of the legally permissible age to gamble. 

3. Are online slots scripted or rigged?

The online slots by licensed and reputed casinos are not scripted or rigged. These slots maintain game fairness by employing RNG, pRNG, and similar methods. It ensures that any of the outcomes cannot be mathematically determined. 

4. Is online slots a game of luck?

The online slot games have a probability of you winning. If your winning odds are high, then you will win the game. Although, there are no tips that will guarantee your winnings. 

5. How can I be an expert in online slots?

You can start by playing classic slots and slowly proceed toward the complex ones. Having strategy at all casinos will have video libraries and community forums where the casino and the experienced help the newbies to pick up their pace.

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