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How to play slots online

How To Play Slots Online For Real Money And Win? An Easy Guide For Beginners

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Playing slots can be entertaining if you do not stress too much about winning. Some games are not about winning but about the experience, right?

Slots are such a kind, and among the slot games itself, you can find many variants. There are regular slots where you lay towards a fixed jackpot and there are progressive jackpots where you play towards a jackpot that keeps on growing with each bet that you place. 

How Do Online Slots Work?

Many varieties of online slot games are available these days. The games in the online casinos come in different shapes and sizes. When you start playing the game, the display will contain different symbols in a layout. The symbols keep changing with each spin but the layout is fixed and does not change. The rules of each game might vary and understand this before you start playing the game.

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One way to learn about the game is to go through the game description, conditions, and the rules that are applicable to the game. Some real money casinos might have video tutorials which can be useful for beginners. Although each slot and playing method are different, some most commonly seen elements of the slots are paytable, paylines, and reels with multiple rows. You can see various symbols in each of the rows.

Let us look at what each of them are

Online Slot Glossary


A reel is a vertical line or column where the symbols appear while you play the game. 3 reel slots and 5 reel slots are the most common when you play online slot games. There are also 6,7 or more reels. In each of these reels, there can be 3 to 5 symbols. When you spin the reels, random symbols will appear on the reels. You win the game if any of the reels have the same combinations. You will have to refer to the game rules at each casino to know about the combinations that are considered eligible for winning. 


A row is a horizontal line or an alignment where the symbols will appear. Most online real money slot games will have 4 or more rows with symbols. 3-row games are considered the standard games and there are classic games that can have just one single row of columns. 


A symbol can be anything that appears on the reels. It can be images, alphabets, numbers, or emojis. These symbols when they form combinations horizontally or vertically will help you to win. Keep in mind that there is absolutely nothing that you can do so that the symbols form a combination. The outcomes of the spins are completely RNG-guaranteed and are random and unforeseen. You cannot influence these outcomes. 


Paytable or payout table is where you can find certain details of the real money slot games that you play. It is advised to check the paytable before you place your bet and start the game. In the paytable, you can find all the symbols available in the game and their payout details. The details regarding further features of the game like special symbols or bonuses will also be displayed in it. So if you are just learning about the game, this is where you can gather a lot of information about the certain game that you are playing. 


A payline is a virtual line that goes across the screen, usually from left to right. A win is considered when a particular number of symbols on an active payline forms a combination. The total number of available paylines keeps changing with the slot game that you are playing. 20 paylines can be commonly seen in 5 reel slots. Some games have hundreds of paylines as well. 

How To Play Real Slots Online For Money?

Starting to play a slot game is simple. You have nothing to worry about but just be a little cautious.

  • Step 1 – Choose the online casino

    A reel is a vertical line or column where the symbols appear while you play the game. 3 reel slots and 5 reel slots are the most common when you play online slot games. There are also 6,7 or more reels. In each of these reels, there can be 3 to 5 symbols. When you spin the reels, random symbols will appear on the reels. You win the game if any of the reels have the same combinations. You will have to refer to the game rules at each casino to know about the combinations that are considered eligible for winning. 

  • Step 2 – Choose an online slot game

    This can be a tricky part as you will be greeted with hundreds or maybe even thousands of slot games when you enter the game section in a casino. Many players get confused and this confusion can be real for beginners. So go through the games list. You can find the ‘Top Picks’, or ‘Fav Games’ and begin with such games. To start playing you can click on the ‘Play Now’ or ‘Start Play’ button. 

  • Step 3 – Claim the bonus

    Know that many of the online slot games come with certain bonuses. Sometimes, you will have to claim the bonus by redeeming it. If it asks for bonus codes to redeem you can find the codes in the bonuses section. You have to go to the bonuses section to find the bonus code only if you can’t find it along with the bonus offer.

  • Step 4 – Set the bet

    Setting the right bet is a key part of the game. And you have to do this before you start playing the game, know that the bet that you select is the bet for one round, so, you should decide on the total money that you can afford to bet and the bet amount that you can afford for each bet typically, you can see the game controls at the bottom or at the sides. It will be under the reels or near it. It might be displayed as a button like a coin or stack of coins. Click on it and select your bet size. 

  • Step 5 – Play: Start the fun

    Now you are all ready to play. You can spin the reel and see whether the symbols have matched. While playing, spinning the reel is pretty much all that you have got to do. Now, to spin the reel you can see a button on the screen at the bottom or at the side. 

  • Step 6 – Collect your winnings

    If the outcome of the spin is matching symbols it means that you have won. Yay! You can receive the winnings. The win criteria for different slot games are different. The reels should be certain combinations of matching symbols. You can read more about each of the games on the casino site itself. 

  • Step 7 – Lookout for the extra features

    Keep playing slot games can help you get more bonuses and you will come across more and different features. Always check the slot rules and look out for new updates to take full advantage of the game. 

You might already know this, but we want to tell you that the rules and regulations for online gambling in each state are different. Also, there are chances of the law changing over time. So, you can inquire about the gambling laws in your jurisdiction, even if you already know this, just cross-check again to ensure that nothing has changed while you were not tracking. And be very sure that you are of the legal gambling age. 

You should be providing your credit card details. Note that, the credit card essentials should be yours, not your parents, your siblings’, and not your friends’. If the online casino finds anything suspicious and finds any misconduct your layer account will be suspended immediately and you might also have to face a ban. 

How to Play Online Slots? Main Features

Now you already know the basic slot glossary and how to play slots online for real money. Here what we are gonna look at is the main features that you can find the best online casinos in the US. 

You have already read about what a symbol is in a slot game. Here we will introduce you to some special symbols namely ‘Wild Symbols’ and ‘Scatter Symbols’. 

Wild Symbol

This is a special symbol in the slot games. It may appear on your reels and rows when you spin them. The advantage of having them is that the Wild symbol can substitute any other symbol to form a combination helping you to win. After spinning, if the outcome of the game is like you have all other symbols across the reels and rows to form a winning combination, but one. And if the Wild symbol has appeared in place of this one symbol, it means you won the round. In short, it substitutes the one remaining symbol that you need for winning. 

Scatter Symbol

Scatter is another special symbol and can be found in advanced slot games. As its name suggests it can appear scarred anywhere across the reels and it acts as a winning trigger. It might present you with bigger payouts and act as a gateway to further bonuses. 

Bonus Rounds

You know that, when you spin the reels it is one round. A bonus is a mini-round that appears within a slot game. It can be said as a minor round inside a real round. Bonus rounds will help you get more winnings. It can be a simple game that you can play easily to receive the winnings. 

Online Slot Bonuses

The online slot games will provide you with multiple bonuses so that you can get a good start. There will be bonuses that are exclusive for the slot game category and sometimes the casinos will add bonuses for certain games. What different kinds of bonuses can you find when you start playing slot games?

  • Free Spins – A free spin is a bonus that you get while playing the real money slot games. A free spin is also referred to as a bonus spin and it gives you a particular number of free rounds without you having to place a bet. Three or more scatter symbols can present you with free spins. It helps you have fun and win. You get a certain number of spins and using them will not affect your balance. Read the details available about the free spin in the slot game that you are playing. 
  • Slot Re-Spins – Slot re-spins or free re-spins resemble free spins where you get more rounds. Getting a free re-spin will give you fewer free rounds than what you get when you win free spins. 
  • Gamble – A gamble is a slot game feature where you can use the winnings of a round to place bets in other mini-games. The mini-games can be guessing games or similar ones and if you win the mini-game the prize will get 2x and if you lose you do not get anything. 
  • Win Multipliers – A win multiplier is a real money slot game feature that is attached to bonuses or some other features. This feature just like its name suggests multiplies the win that you get. Your win will get multiplied between 2x and 5x and you can enjoy your winnings. 

You have already read about the special symbols Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol. Here are more special symbols. 

Special Wilds

A special wild is a distinctive wild symbol. It is a wild symbol but has some added features. If you get a special wild, sometimes it might increase in count and will cover and take over the whole reel, change across the screen in each round, and present you with multipliers. 

Dropping Symbols

A dropping symbol is a feature that makes the symbols in the winning combinations disappear from the screen and drops new symbols to these places. This can trigger more winnings. 

How To Play Slots Online For Real Money And Win?

Know that all the online slots are where you can try your luck. It can not be ensured that you will win a game. The winning odds of all the games are completely uncontrollable. All online casino slot games use RNG to guarantee that all the game outcomes are unforeseen and unpredictable. There is no absolute way to determine the outcomes of the games by any kind of mathematical calculation.

Note that the best real money casinos in the US often provide you with a video library that you can watch and refer to learn. They will have tips and tricks that you can use in the game or it will help you create your own in-game strategy that can lead you to win high.

How to play Vegas slots? It is just like any other slot and you do not have to learn a book of rules to start playing this. The rules are easy and the payouts are high. 

Let us look at how you can play different slot games. These are only a glimpse of playing the games and if you feel that you need more information, you can refer to trusted sources, often, the casinos will have step-by-step information on how to play each game. Also, note that the rules for similar games in different casinos can be different, so don’t let it slip your mind to read through the game rules before you start playing.

How to play keno slots?

Keno can be said as an underrated casino game and it does deserve more attention. A high winning rate can not be guaranteed in this game but one merit is that the known rules are so simple that anyone can learn. It can be said that games are suitable games for newbies and those who have no experience or expertise. Your game card or game table will have numbers including in a particular range. You place your bet on the numbers that you hope will come when the cards are drawn. 20 numbers will be drawn randomly at each draw and if the numbers that you chose have been drawn, you win. As the number of matches goes high, your winning amount will also go high. 

How to play penny slots?

Penny slots are slot games that you can play using a penny. This game garnered popularity because anyone could afford it as you can play by spending only the lowest amount. You can win penny slots by employing planned bankroll management and making the most out of the bonuses. The slot machine will be played one cent for one line which means that you only have to spend a few pennies for each spin. Before starting to play, verify that the penny slot game and the online casino that you have chosen have high RTP as well as lower volatility. 

How to play progressive slots?

The best way to play and win progressive slots is to play more and bet high. We recommend you bet only what you can afford to lose. When you play a game, your win can not be guaranteed. Therefore, with the hopes of winning high, you should not be taking high. Many of you might already know this, but let us say for our newbies, progressive slots are the slot games in which you play to win a jackpot that keeps growing with each bet you place. A portion of each of your bets goes to the jackpot. If you win you win high, and if you do not win, the non-winning plays go towards the mega prize. 

How to play quick hit slots?

A quick hit slot can be defined as a slot game that is a combination of classic slots and advanced slot mechanics. Quick-hit slots can be found in an endless variety of themes. It is not a progressive game but winning it means you get a high prize. Like all other slot games, play quick hit slots only at trusted and legit online casinos. 

You might have read that the game outcomes are determined by RNG and you might also know RNG is Random Number Generator. So, what is this RNG and how does it work exactly? Let us find out.

Real Money Online Slots & RNG

Random Number Generators (RNGs) introduce causality and suspense to the game. As it makes the outcomes totally unpredictable, the thrills of the game are always maintained. As the term itself suggests it helps to generate random numbers. It is a computational algorithm that plays a central role in the integrity of the virtual casino industry. All the best real money casinos in the US use RNG and pRNG to ensure that all their players get a fair gaming experience

How To Play Online Slots? Regular Slots And Progressive Slots

Can you even win these things? Actually, you can. Some people have won these slots and have returned with mega jackpots. The winning odds of these games are low and it is not that easy to win them. Winning a regular slot is easier than winning a progressive jackpot slot. However, winning a progressive slot is easier than winning a lottery. When you win a progressive slot you win grand prizes. 


‘how to play real slots online for money?’ – This might be the question you had in your mind when you started to read this article, we hope that you have found all the details that you wanted. So to sum up, playing online slots for real money and winning is not a big task. You can do that and some people have won the slots. There are different kinds of slot games and you also come across the slot game vocabulary and the main features of the slots. We request you to gamble safely with a proper money management plan and not bet more than what you can not afford to lose. 

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