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Classic Slots Vs Progressive Slots: Which Is Better And What Are The Differences? 

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Are you a casino enthusiast? If yes, you know the dilemma that you face when you play an online real money slot game. There are countless variants and various themes and it might seem that you can never make the decision.

A never-ending debate topic in this area is ‘classic slots vs progressive slots’. Some of you might prefer classic slots while some others might weigh more towards the progressive slots. The reason can be different but all your preferences are valid.

So, we thought of conducting a thorough study on the classic spots as well as progressive slots and turning all the thoughts into evaluating criteria. Here, you can find all the data that you have when it comes to slot games.

Note that this is not an article that will suggest one of these two slots at its end. Rather you can find the in-depth details of both slots and we will assist you to make a decision that best suits you. 

What Are Online Slots?

We thought of starting by giving you a brief intro on the slots. If you need more details about the slot games, you can find them on our website.

Online Slot

Slot machines, as every one of us knows, are popular gambling machines among Americans. Although, many tend to leave the land-based casinos behind and turn towards the online casinos.

Online slots are a virtual representation of the real money slots that you can find at traditional casinos. When you play an online slot game, you can find the slot having reels, rows, paylines, and payables. With each spin, symbols will appear on the screen. If it makes eligible winning combinations, you win, and you get the money.

Each virtual casino tries to introduce new and thrilling games for their layers. The new and innovative themes that they come up with and the exclusive features that you can find at each casino can be exciting for the players.

The casinos have even introduced a game category called ‘Specialty Games’ and these games will be available only in the particular casino, they create their own games and they are only for their registered players. The casinos reserve their players the right to have undivided experiences all as a part of appealing to the players. 

What Are Classic Slots?

Classic online slots are the ones most of the early players are familiar with. It is the 3 reel slots that have many features and are available in vast themes as well. The early versions of slots did not provide the players with money and it was only later it became a game where players could win and earn money. 

Classic Slots

These days you can find modernized classic slot videos on your device screen. The current day slots that resemble these old day slots are now called ‘classic slots’. You can find them in almost every casino. It is the most suitable option for a newbie gambler to learn about the game. You can start by playing this, learn about the game, and then move into the more advanced and complex ones. 

You can find that many classic slot themes with old and vintage themes are available in real money online casinos. Such slots have been developed by the game providers to present the players with a feeling of playing in the old times.

The early versions of the slot have developed and the present-day slots have many cool features and win triggers where you can play, have fun, and win big.  The graphics and the features will be all new but they are presented in a way where you get to know how your granddads played the game. You can see that even the titles are made to match the retro spirit that it gives out. 

Signing up for an account at a virtual casino helps you to see all these 3 reel slots and the refashioned fruit machines. The casinos did utilize the increasing demand that the classic slots get these days. The reasons why more players gravitate towards classic slots can be any but the majority of them credit nostalgia. 

Some players do think that classic slots are old and boring when in fact most of the online classic slots these days are specially designed ones by top game providers. The cutting-edge technology is infused into the retro slots to provide an enhanced experience, you can see that the lattes classic slots have some 5 reel and 5+ reel variants, more paylines and thousands of different ways to win, and unshared welcome bonuses, regular free spins, cashback and more. 

There can be instances where you will be presented with a countless number of classic slots and you will be confused in choosing the most suitable one for you. If you ever face such situations, you can always ask customer support to help you find the one that matches your needs. Consider the RTP and volatility of the games. Sometimes, there might be a classic slot library in the game lobby. 

What Are Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Progressive jackpot slots are a kind of slot that keeps on growing each time you play. A portion of the amount that you bet will be contributed towards the winning prize. And it will keep on growing and if you win the game, you will take huge money.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

The slots of progressive jackpots are connected all over the world which triggers the growth of the jackpot prize. It runs as a network through different casinos, you can see that, you will never start the game at zero. When you spin the slot and if the symbols form any allowed winning combination, it means that you have won the game. 

You cannot know in advance whether you will be in the game. Although some casino gurus will teach you some tricks and techniques you can never plan a strategy that will make you win the game there can be some factors that will increase your odds of becoming the winner, and one such is betting high.

All the outcomes are fair and the game fairness is guaranteed by RNG (Random Number Generator). All the outcomes are predetermined by a computational algorithm and it is never possible to mathematically calculate and determine the outcomes and play accordingly. 

Classic Slots Vs Progressive Slots: Which One Should You Play?

In classic slots, if you win the game, you will get a fair amount of money and if you lose, you do not get anything. In progressive slots, the non-winning plays will be counted towards the jackpot and the winning play means that you get loads of real money. 

The chances of winning classic slots are more than the chances of winning progressive slots. However, winning these has a higher chance than winning a lottery. Classic slots comparatively take less time than progressive jackpot slots. In progressive slots, you get high money and it will take a while. In classic slots, the game will end soon, and winning means you get money, smaller amounts of money in less time. 

So, the question remains, ‘classic slots vs progressive slots?’ You can consider various factors when you choose this. 

We recommend you play progressive lots, if you can afford to bet and potentially lose higher amounts of money, you should also be patient and have time to invest in the time. While you choose a progressive jackpot slot, make sure that it has high RTP and low volatility.

Having a high RTP means that you get the most of the amount that you bet on. When a game is said to have low volatility, it means the risk factor is less. Therefore, you will end up playing a game with low risk and a high return to the player. Again, if you prefer games with high volatility, then you can play that as well. We suggest low volatility, prioritizing, and the safety of the players. 

We recommend you play classic slots if you prefer to have the retro experience and are more keen on the vintage fun. If you are a beginner, then classic slots can be learning rounds where you can play a lot of things. Classic slots are suitable for you if you have decided that you can bet only a particular amount of money. 

There is nothing wrong with betting high or being low, it is totally up to you. However, betting high triggers progressive jackpot wins. So to decide whether you want to play classic slots or progressive slots you can read through all these. 

Getting an idea of classic slots and progressive slots will help you make better decisions. Before you choose any one of them, you have already decided on your bankroll management strategy, and the time and effort that you can put into the game. And most importantly, you have made up your mind to face the loss.

As we always say, no one can guarantee that you are going to win the game. You can not know the outcomes of the games until the symbols appear on the reels after your spin. So, if you lose, the money that you staked is gone from your hands, it should not leave you financially burdened. 

How Can You Win Online Real Money Slots?

There are multiple things that you can do that trigger your slot wins. Your actions have to be planned thoroughly, and you should have a proper strategy when you are playing the games. Here you can find some progressive slot tricks to win and classic slot tricks to win. 

  • Online slot tricks

Can you really win a slot game if you take care of certain things and play accordingly? First of all, note that you can control the outcomes of the games no matter what. These are some tricks that you can try to trigger your win.

There is no guarantee that just because you used these tricks you are going to be the winner. It just increases your winning odds. 

  • Choose the slot game wisely

Choosing the slot game can always be a deciding factor in the earnings that you are going to make. Make sure that you choose an online slot from a reputed online casino. Before starting to play the game you can go through the game description, game rules, the terms and conditions of the game, and the reviews from previous players from trusted resources. 

  • Make use of ‘Practice Play’ sessions

The online casino slot games will have a ‘Practice Play’ option. When you choose this, it won’t cost you, you can play the game without spending real money. Such options can be used to learn about the game. Before you start playing a game with real money, you can practice the game. It will help you to make better decisions when you place bets and play the game. 

  • Thoroughly analyze the paytable

All the slot games will have a paytable. Analyzing the paytable will help you know the features that will be there in the game, the bonuses and promotions, the minimum bet amount, the RTP, the payouts, and more. Knowing about all these in advance will help you to plan accordingly. 

  • Utilize Bonuses and Rewards

Many slot games come with bonuses. Some other bonuses can be used in the slots and there will also be slot special bonuses. You can analyze the online casino homepage to know more about the bonuses and other rewards that you have access to. This will help you to make better decisions. 

  • Evaluate RTP and Volatility

Knowing the RTP and the volatility beforehand can be a great help when it comes to playing a slot game. The RTP, return to player, helps you determine the amount that you get back if you win the game. The volatility of the game helps you analyze the risk factors associated with it. Usually, it is recommended to play games that have high RTP and low volatility. 

  • Start with easy slots at the beginning 

If you are a beginner and do not know much about the games, then it would be ideal to start with easy and simple slot games. You can take time, learn about the game, and then move too much higher levels.

  • Plan your bankroll management strategy

You should have a proper plan of how much you can spend on the game. Remember that those games have more than one round and if you send all the money that you can in the first round itself, then things can get difficult. Therefore, when you learn about the game, make plans on how much you can afford to bet on each round of the game. Also, keep in mind that you should be able to afford the loss if you do not win the game. 

  • Stick to your money management plans

This is important in real money slots. You should stick to your money magnet strategy at all times of the game. If you win a random round, there is no guarantee that you are going to win the next one too. Therefore, it is not advised to make sudden changes to the plan that you have already made. 

  • Place higher bets

Placing higher bets can help to increase your winning odds. However, as we mentioned earlier, you should only invest the money that you are willing to lose, as the wins and losses of the game can not be predicted. 

These are only some tricks that can come to your help when you place the bet and start playing.

The Bottom Line

Among the virtual slots, the better option for you depends upon you. You should read through the game descriptions, requirements, and terms and then decide the most appropriate one for you. If you are new to the game and are still learning, then the classic slots are the most recommended for you. If you can not afford to bet a comparatively higher amount, then it is not advised to play progressive slots. However, we do not recommend you place high bets just to win. Note that, gambling should be responsible and it is not to be considered a way of making money we request to play safely with actual and better strategies. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it better to play progressive slots?

If you win playing progressive slots, you get huge rewards. So, people do think that playing progressive slots is better. You are to choose the ones with high RTP and low volatility. 

2. How often do people win progressive slots?

The odds of winning a progressive jackpot slot are between 50 & 100 million to one. It depends on your odds of winning the game. Just because someone you know has won the game, you can not think that you will win too. Also, you might win the game at the most unexpected and random time. 

3. Is there a way to guarantee a win on online slots?

No, the win to online slots can not be guaranteed. What you can do is play safely and responsibly to decrease the impact on your losses. We advise you to bet only a pre-decided amount of money to support your bankroll management. 

4. What time is best to play online slots?

The best time to play online slots depends on your schedule. If you feel that you think better during the daytime, then you can play online slots in the daytime, in the forenoon, or afternoon. If you are a night owl, and the night-time works better for you, then spin the reels at night, we recommend you not compromise your sleep and work just to play the online casino. 

5. Do online slots pay more at night?

This is a common misconception. No online slots are designed in a way to pay you more at a specific time of the day. It does not matter what time you play, the payout rates of each online slot remain the same. So, you are not to think that there are some magical hours where you can win more high. 

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